Monday, March 15, 2010

Growing Up

Original Scheduled Date - 10/20/2009

Last night I sat down to my computer to get pictures ready for the annual calendar and as I was going through them, I was just amazed, first at the number of pictures we had taken over the past year, and then how many we had taken of Ethan. I always heard that parents seem to take fewer and fewer pictures of the younger kids and I never thought that would happen. Well, this past year proved me wrong! We don't have the professional pictures of Ethan like we do of Noah, but we definitely got a ton of Ethan pictures this year. What amazed me even more than the fact that we have pictures of our kids, is how they have changed over the past year. Ethan being so tiny as a baby and growing up so fast. Seeing Noah just little and how much he has grown. It never ceases to amaze me when I look at my kids and their picture how much they've grown up. I miss the little babies that I used to hold in my arms, but I love the little personalities that begin to emerge as they grow and when my son meets me at the door as I come home from work.


si tu veux said... are so right. they grow up so fast, a tear comes from my heart to my eye. Enjoy!!!

Liz said...

Nothing like a warm and happy greeting upon coming home or those new little ones in your arms.